100 Reader Milestone

We hit a small milestone here at the site recently – one I thought worth mentioning.

100 RSS readers/subscribers.. (actually 101 the last I saw)..


[if you don't know what RSS is, read this..]

either way, we’re darn happy to have all you readers out there, especially since our site here seems to evolve each and every month. No doubt, we’re figuring it out as we go along – in some ways letting the site, and readers, dictate its direction… letting it evolve and mutate wherever it, and you, see fit. Makes it a whole lot easier that way, actually.

Some other neat stats, if you were interested… Overall traffic to the site…

Since we’ve been tracking (April of 2009), we’re averaging around 2,426 unique visits per month, with a low around 1,300, and a high around 6,000 (think that’s when we posted new pics of the FieldTurf at Vaught Hemingway.)


then if you throw in the traffic from our sites in the Oxford Alliance, the unique visitor number roughly doubles..

neat stuff, imo.. considering our main focus is Oxford (and Ole Miss)..

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, though. Without you guys, we’d be speaking in a vacuum. So thanks for reading.

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  1. I bet if you provided your full feed in the rss, you would double that in less than half the time. Google reader now “recommends” feeds… and if they recommend me one that doesn’t provide the full feed, I will click “No thanks” every. single. time.

  2. you’re probably right.. on the other hand, what’s a little bitty click to visit our site?

  3. just saying. You seemed interested or excited about increasing your numbers, and I just thought I’d throw out a way you might do it faster.

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