21 Pic Oxford Photo Collage

Montage time!

We’re gonna attempt a different delivery method this round…

Rather than present thumbnail samples of each image, we embedded each photo into the slideshow.. To start, simply click the image below, then advance through by clicking each image.. this way, each image is a surprise as you cycle through..

let us know your favorite in the comment section! enjoy…


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  1. gotta love the courthouse..

    like the spray painted cat, though.. where is that?

  2. on the southeast side of the square.. on van buren, down the stairs..

  3. Pete, love the pics. Really enjoy the website and the hard work you put into it. Look forward to being in Oxford a lot more this Fall.

  4. thanks man.. it’s my labor of love : )

  5. I’ve lived in Oxford my entire life and just recently moved away. I was hoping this slideshow would be a glimpse back home. There were a few picture that were Oxford, but, lets be serious, there is more to that town that red paint in front of Neilson’s and water meters. I was hoping for more.

    I do love the website though! Definitely makes me miss home!

    • really? there’s more to this town than red paint in front of Neilson’s, and water meters?

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