4th of July Wrap Up

Old Venice Pizza Company & the Burgundy Room deserve a well praised Thank You for taking a stand and remaining open on the 4th, as it seemed all other businesses on the Square were closed. Me and the Mrs. hit both, and as thanks, tipped heavily.

Our next stop was the Grove to catch the trailing moments of the Mid-South Navy Band. The weather had cleared up at that point, temps were in the mid 80′s, and the environment was darn ideal. The local 3-5 year old population had staked claim on the “mosh-pit”, and were running in feverish circles; some colliding, some with arms outstretched, attempting to take flight.

Once the band wound down, we headed towards Old Taylor Rd for the fireworks. There, we dug in on the first grassy spot available, right near the local firetrucks. The show began at roughly 9:05pm, and it was quickly followed by the always expected yearly cacophony of “IIiiiieeeeeeee!‘s” and “Uahhwooowwww!‘s”. Great stuff, and a great weekend.

Here are a few shots of the festivities (click to enlarge):

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  1. Okay, so this isn’t related to this post, but is it true that the Ava Hotel project has gone caput?

  2. hmmm.. interesting tidbit SuperDude.. let me see if we can dig into it..

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