7 Unique, Odd, and Awful Ole Miss Accessories

Ever take some time to troll through the Ole Miss Team Shop, University Sporting Goods, or Campus Bookmart? I mean, really troll through… ignoring the jerseys, the hats, the tshirts.. into the twilight zone of Ole Miss accessories for sale?

I hadn’t. I usually stuck to hats, and/or bought an occasional sweatshirt from time to time.

But today, I began to investigate further. Dig a little deeper. What else could I possibly purchase with our Ole Miss logo emblazoned upon it. What item could oddly and awkwardly place Colonel Reb in its midst?

I’m happy to say I found a few.

Several actually.. let’s review:

Item One: Ole Miss Bird Feeder

A necessity for any true Ole Miss fan. What better way to say ‘Hotty Toddy”?

Item Two: Colonel Reb/Ole Miss Golf Tees


I ain’t a big golfer, but if I was – and wanted to rile an opponent player – these gems would, without a doubt, do the trick. Shoot, even State or LSU fans could happily use these, as they’d effectively decapitate Colonel Reb after each tee off..

Item Three: Colonel Reb Rain Gauge


So odd, I like. Colonel Reb + Raincoat + Indication we’re #1 = Gold

Item Four: Colonel Reb Baby Crib Mobile


The Superman effect here is priceless.

Item Five: Ole Miss Silicone Ice Tray


Ice cubes in the shape of the Ole Miss ‘M’.. of course..

Item Six: Ole Miss Salt & Pepper Shakers


These I really like, and might order before days end.

Item Seven: Ole Miss Curtains


Simply one word. FAIL. If I visit your home, and these are gracing your walls, I’ll never look at you the same way.

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  1. I vote for the Ole Miss Tropical Scenic College Button-Up Shirt which is, appropriately, 100% Rayon.


  2. Don’t forget Amisano’s pants.

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