8 Oxford Factoids


  • The law office located at 1013 Jackson Avenue was originally home to Phil Stone, a lawyer and early mentor to William Faulkner. The building itself is considered one of the oldest continually operated law offices in the state of Mississippi. It now houses the Freeland & Freeland Law firm.
  • Oxford’s sister city is Aubigny, France, which is located 120 miles directly south of Paris.
  • The Oxford Train Depot was originally a passenger stop on the Illinois Central Railroad, which connected Chicago to New Orleans. It sat decrepit for several years until it was (rightfully) restored in 2001.
  • Neilson’s Department Store was originally a log cabin trading post located just north of the department store’s current location.
  • Oxford’s elevation is 505 Feet above sea level.
  • Ole Miss’ original mascot was originally ‘The Flood’. They changed their name to the ‘Rebels’ in 1935 when they joined the SEC. The colors of cardinal red and navy blue we selected to honor Harvard and Yale.
  • According to local law, it’s illegal to drive around the Oxford Square more than 100 times consecutively.
  • There are currently 10 homes in the Oxford area priced for 1 million dollars or more. Top bid goes to 1701 Jackson Avenue listed at $8.6 million. [as of Feb 2009]
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  1. on driving around the square 100 times.. I wonder if that’s to discourage advertisers from simply driving a billboard around the circle all day long..hmm.

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