94% Said We Couldn't … We Did

Yes, I do love Oxford. And yes, I love my University.

Right now, I’ll have to say, … I’m particularly in love with our football team.

When Texas Tech jumped up by 14 in the first, I was concerned.

When we tied it up, I saw the possibility.

When we gained the lead, I saw our window.

When we – slowly, methodically – wore them down, I realized we could do it.

Actually, I always knew we could do it. Was simply a matter of putting it all together.

And today we did.

94% of the polled public said we couldn’t do it. We Did. 47-34

I’m very happy to be an Ole Miss Rebel right now.

We Did

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  1. Peter,
    Cool post above about the Ole Miss victory at the Cotton Bowl on your very sharp site with that picture that guy’s holding up. The Rebels sure proved those pollsters wrong, didn’t they? As an Ole Miss alumnus, I thought this win was very sweet indeed. Now that Coach Nutt has a handle on the team, I hope the glory days of Ole Miss football will return. Coach Vaught was there when I was a student at Ole Miss years ago, and, as you know, he was the greatest coach in America in those days. Thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind comment. Hotty Toddy!
    Jon at Mississippi Garden

  2. thanks for those kind words Jon..

    yup, though, we’re excited as well.. only a few months until the Grove Bowl : )

  3. Hotty Toddy! Great game, great season! Can’t wait till my 2009 season ticket order form comes in!!!

  4. Nice post. I think more people should print out this picture as a reminder to not give up on their new year resolutions.

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