Alternative Study Spots During Finals

Something a little apropos for Exam Week:

First, a lesson in misleading terminology:

  • A) Dead Week = The week before finals, when professors are supposed to be gracious and not assign any work, as to give you time to study for the inevitable test of the semester.
  • B) Exam Week = Literally translated. Apparently these two terms are interchangeable, as I have already completed my Mass Media Law exam (intense as it sounds), and my social life is the only thing that is dead.

So, here’s to all of you who have yet to learn the art of studying, are frantically searching for a place to clear your head and find ways to undo the damage of not studying until now. Here’s also to you who do know the art, but need a change in scenery.

A Literal Study Guide

  1. The Grove: Its not just for hard liquor and Frisbee. But if you do decide to study here, I guess you can always take a break for one or the other. I recommend the latter. Besides, this campus is wired now, so Facebook Web-research is no problemo. Grassy knoll + blanket = A+
  2. Uptown Coffee: (My personal favorite). Coffee abounds. Unfortunately, electrical outlets do not. Running off battery power isn’t much of a sacrifice for this atmosphere. Those that frequent it night after night, like yours truly, make its preference among all other study havens obvious.
  3. Purple Haze: If you like the smell of incense and organic goods, this one’s for you. If you’re heavily reliant upon customer service, be aware that you have to make your own coffee. Their back room is set-aside as a study area, and Kings of Leon frequents their play list, if background music is good for you.
  4. The Library: The one located on campus. If a pro/con list is necessary for why this is a good place to study, perhaps you should visit to find out for yourself.
  5. Insert your classroom here: Procrastinators unite. Campus buildings, if they close at all, open at 8:00 a.m. The set up of exam schedules keeps classroom traffic low, so study here before the exam. There’s also always the chance that someone else in your class has the same idea. Woo hoo for study sessions.
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One Comment

  1. Rachel: Where is Purple Haze? I am not a huge incense fan but alway want to hear where to get a cup o’ joe.

    To me, unfortunately, Starbucks’s in Kroger has the best espresso in town. When back home I do not mind supporting the chain cause they treat their employees well. But here they are grocery store employees who do not get health care.

    Maybe Purple Haze has what I am looking for.

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