Castle Hill Resort (aka Colonel's Quarters)

So, full disclosure, we’re big fans of the 512 B&B.. But as we like to delve around the hospitality scene in Oxford, we decided to stay at Castle Hill Resort recently (formerly known as Colonel’s Quarters)

High level, I thought we’d share some quick snapshots we took of the hotel, and also throw in our two cents regarding the establishment.

Overall, it’s a well-appointed hotel. Darn nice rooms, quiet, free wifi, and flat screen tv’s.. The distance to town (5 miles) actually didn’t bother me, but we did have a few small sticking points. Outside of those, it’s well worth consideration when visiting town.

Our pros/cons:


  • during football season, you can usually find a room here on somewhat late notice
  • full bar
  • restaurant on-site
  • new’ish construction
  • views
  • pool


  • steep stairs – like climbing a small mountain
  • no shower in peggy’s room – just a tub (I found this out the hard way)
  • exit and entrance from Hwy 6 – tough both ways, ie. floor it / slam on brakes

And if you decide to stay a weekend, and love the place, you could drop a cool $3.9 Mil(now $2.5 Mil) and own the place yourself..(as it seems to now be for sale..)

Photo Set:

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  1. You’re absolutely right about the stairs going up to the bedrooms. They are dangerous. This was very poor planning on the architect’s part, but most likely the original owner & builder.

    Sounds like the original owners are cash strapped and just want out. This place is way over-built for the Oxford area. They’ll never see 2 million for it. The economy in this area will not adequately support this place as a business.

  2. Do you have availability for October 17-20, 2013?

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