Egg Bowl Flashback 1970s

Stumbled across an outstanding photograph from the Egg Bowl during the 1970s… take a close look at the jersey on the MSU center – looks like it’s been ripped to shreds..



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  1. That is my second favorite helmet of the Rebs… In my opinion, the light blue helmet was the best.

    • tough to beat light blue helmet with ole miss logo..

  2. 100% agreed! I sure wish they would bring that one back, even if it were just for 1 big game.

  3. Both uniforms look good, I am a MSU alum. and still believe the light blue helmuts look the best, our uniforms look very basic, which I like.

    I also loved the old tear-away jerseys, it helped this slow-footed running back gain a few extra yards!

  4. State’s uniforms looked so much better then. I am a Rebel but always thought their uniforms looked the best with a maroon jersey (or white on the road) and white pants. Maroon pants are just ugly, especially with a maroon jersey, and the new uniforms are just super-ugly. They look like C-USA or something, not the classic SEC teams.

    I also think the white helmets look best.

    • agree there UA.. and I personally like the throwback helmet they have here..(more than what they’re currently using)

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