Heartless Bastards & Andrew Bird

As far as concerts go, solid double-billing shows are hard to come by these days. My best last was ‘The Strokes’ / ‘White Stripes’ up in NYC at Carnegie Hall… and lawdy, it was good.

Coming this Monday 3/23/09 at The Lyric, I feel we’ve got one worthy of a loud shout-out.

Heartless Bastards & Andrew Bird.

A yen and yang show. Rough, stripped down, gritty, melodic blues from Heartless; and concise, precise, whistle-stomping alt-rock from Andrew. Great stuff.

For most concerts, you grab a late bite to eat to skip the first band. In this case, you don’t. In this case, grab an early bite at Square Pizza, head across the street and catch both bands. We’ll be there : )

[Never heard of either band? Here's a sample of songs we like:]

Wanted to add an Andrew Bird performance video from a Take Away Show on La Blogothèque

Watch the video here

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  1. I prefer Square Pizza AFTER a show. Hits the spot!

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