One More Ole Miss Mascot To Consider

USATODAY: [Ole Miss' mascot search is down to a vote of final three; see the candidates]

Don’t forget folks, we went through a new mascot selection process in 2003.. and during that period, we shot down ‘Rebel Bruiser’ as a mascot choice.. the debate was so contentious, they simply abandoned it until now..

I wonder if there’s any chance he can be thrown into consideration this late into the game..shoot, if they want, they can simply change his name to Hotty Toddy.. : )


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  1. looking back, and now comparing to the newest mascot renditions, I’d be fully behind the Bruiser…

  2. Oh Yeah!! I’d consider THIS mascot in a HEARTBEAT over the other CRAP that is out there! Much, much better… Now..get this to the “powers that be” aka “the money that controls this decision” and get this on the ballot….FAST.

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