Oxford Art via Lorrie Drennan

In our continuing effort to highlight artists who cover the Oxford area, we’d like to introduce Lorrie Drennan. She’s a self-taught artist and a regular at the Double Decker festival each Spring. The pieces showcased below highlight Square Books, Ajax Diner, and the Courthouse. It’s also worth noting her work has previously covered sketches of Bottletree Bakery, Tailgating in the Grove, the Walk of Champions, the Lyceum, and Ventress Hall on the Ole Miss campus (for those who might be interested in expanding their art collection).

The three piece below measure 24×30″, and are priced at $850 framed, $750 unframed. Additional artwork and contact info can be found on her blog, http://drennart.blogspot.com/

Thanks for sharing, Lorrie !

[click to expand each piece of work]




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