Oxford Art Worth Seeing

Sure, sure, I’ve seen my fair share of Oxford artwork floating around town, and on the web. It’s rare, though, when I stumble across pieces I like.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, or overdone. Simply capturing a city scene at the right moment can speak volumes. And that’s exactly what Ann Caudle, an artist from Huntsville Alabama, has done with some of her recent paintings. She recently dropped by Oxford, and captured some great scenes around the city.

Being strong supporters of independent artists, we thought we’d share her work here on the site. Take a peek..

Piece One:
“Town Square, Oxford, MS”
Pastel on pastel paper: 23″ x 31″
Contact Ann for current price

Piece Two:
Faulkner’s Driveway
Contact Ann for size & price

Click for expanded view

Great shots Ann !

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  1. Thanks Peter. I’m glad you liked my paintings and I appreciate the publicity.

    Ann Caudle

  2. Hi Peter. You can see my pastel of the town square, that you featured in 2008, at the Powerhouse April 24th – May 2, 2011 as part of the Double Decker Arts Festival. You need to see it in person. The pastel sparkles.

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