Remembering Market Rhes

market-rhes-oxford-msAbout a year back, Morty and I visited BBB when it first opened. Market Rhes, the (wonderfully fantastic) gourmet market was next door, so we decided to drop by there for a visit as well. Mainly to grab a few shots, but also to talk shop with owner, Rhes Low.

And then I screwed up.

After we wrapped, I sat on the story too long. And crippled with this odd economy, Rhes decided to close up shop back in November of ’08.

So rather than scrapping the piece, (and due to the fact that Rhes mentioned he’d consider a re-launch when the time was right) I thought we’d run a photo retrospective on the Market. Maybe generate some positive vibes to help resurrect the business, as this is an establishment Oxford needs, should have, and hopefully will have again someday…


Rhes Low









photo credit: Derek Moreton

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  1. best imported cheese, and fish selection the towns ever seen.. We’re waiting for the re-launch Rhes…


  2. I hear ya, Darl! You are 100% right!

    I’m missing Market Rhes. I am hesitant to buy fresh fish at the same place i get my oil changed.

    I am trying to move to healthier and fresher foods and would prefer Rhes to Kroger or Wal-Mart.

    Rhes had a great cheese selection.

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