The Gin Burns Down

The story from the Eagle:

and hat tip to jpa514 for posting this vid on youtube:

.. Tyrone + “The Roof is on Fire” = Nostradamus..

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  1. That is soooooooooo sad…i graduated over 20 years ago. I was there when The Warehouse burned down….2 great social landmards gone now.

  2. One of the best outdoor patios on which I ever wasted time. That area has changed so much since I left Oxford. The dive bars are a thing of the past. My guess is another condo development will take the place of The Gin.

  3. So sad i was in oxford from 91 to 95 and I have many great memories in that bar its a shame it went so far downhill. RIP Gin you will be missed

  4. I played music there in 1975 with a group called Cold Beer, which consisted of Jimmy Phillips, Emmette Moore, John Gohr, and myself. We were the first live music when the Gin opened and worked as the defacto house band there for a year. We played Jerry Jeff Walker, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, etc. and some bluegrass too. So many years ago… Sorry to see it’s gone.

    • Awww I hat to see this! I played there as a single. I warmed up The Old Blues duo Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, The entire Ole Miss Football team was there that night! I was called back to play encores twice, Then I did my Version of Mr Bojangles, I finished the song saying “Ya know mister…I really do miss my little dog!! I said thank you and was unplugging my Mic, and someone started clapping, it started everyone from the back of the club all the way to the stage front seats. It ended in a Standing ovation for 3 minutes! One of the Best Gigs I ever played!! im Micky DeLoach in Montgomery AL Im on Facebook

  5. I played at The Gin in 1982 and with Joe Loftis and the Pinks. I was the girl guitar player and singer in the band. Just when we pulled up in the parking lot to set up for our first gig at The Gin, we heard on the radio that John Belushi had died. It broke our hearts yet it was our first gig as The Pinks. The crowd was fantastic and we had so much fun. Never will forget it, ever!!!

    So very sad to see the place burn down and sad to hear people laughing about it in the background, but I do totally understand that not everyone cares about old buildings. I hope no one was hurt during the fire. Oxford Mississippi was always good to me (Tiny Butler) and Joe Loftis and the Pinks. Under the bridge and on the phone! Eoj Yeh ;)

  6. I worked at the Gin from 1978-1980 and had the best time. This is sad that it is no longer there. I was looking at the old pictures of it on this site and sort of feel like it was a very special place….although at the time i was working it was a pain. I took a picture of the Gin front door one time just on a lark when I was gong in to do my shift and it didn’t mean much to me. But now, i look at it and really feel a sense of place! The Hoka is gone too! The best memories I have are of that whole Gin/Hoka scene. People came in to the Gin and then went to the Hoka and vice versa. Who knew?

  7. This is horribly sad. What makes it worse is that the people watching the Gin burn down didn’t even care. The Gin was my favorite place to drink and hear live music in Oxford. I think that I must have seen the Memphis Icebreakers a half-dozen times there.

    I believe that the Bouffants played there as well.

    And I won’t even discuss how easy it was to “meet” women there.

    Hotty Toddy

  8. I first played the Gin during the White Animal days. It was the place to play at the time when (Mr. Radio Man) Tony Moon of Crescent Moon ruled. It was always one of my favorite places to perform as we Rocked Mississippi during the 80s. Thanks for all the joy you gave us. R.I.P.

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