The Inn at Ole Miss (aka. The Alumni House)

inn-at-ole-miss-logoI wasn’t quite sure what to expect, having never stayed there. Sure, the Alumni House (its original name) was around during my college days, but it never quite registered as an actual place to recommend visitors. And being called The Alumni House added to my early confusion (were alumni only allowed to stay there?)

ole-miss-alumni-houseThe original exterior (seen here) added to my hesitations. It reeked of a dormitory setting, and although it had no shared bathrooms, worn-out beds, or stanky rooms, it’s appearance led me to believe otherwise.

What a difference a renovation can make.

After nearly 2 years under construction, The Inn re-opened in August of 2008. The re-opening features a new eight-story addition, a new hotel entrance & lobby, 38 new two-room suites, eleven larger special suites, multiple new meeting rooms, and a new large 5,600 square-foot ballroom. Even the original section of the Alumni House was spruced up – and spruced up well.


Suffice to say, it’s a darn nice expansion & renovation.

A few small points to mention.

  • Small Bathroom Counters (in the original Alumni House wing)
  • Not a dealbreaker in my book – just something to realize before you visit.

  • Not Easy to Locate
  • It’s location on Alumni Drive is easy to miss. The new expansion was created at the bottom of the hill, so it doesn’t rise above the surrounding buildings (fyi). And in addition, signage for the hotel is virtually non-existant (as of press-time that is, which I’m sure will change as they’re still completing final touches). If you’re driving from the Square, simply head into campus, turn right onto the Grove Loop, and the next right is Alumni Drive. Head to the bottom on the hill, The Inn will be on your right.


All in all, an impressive renovation. And the sheer fact it’s located on campus, anchored steps away from the Grove, and a few minutes walk from the Square, cements it as prime lodging for any outside visitor (in my opinion).

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  1. How was the action on that hair dryer in the bathroom? Good quality? Multiple settings?

  2. the action? vigorous

    good quality? great quality

    multiple settings? why, yes

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