The Oxford Vent Line, Part One

scr-phneHad a rough day? Did you get stuck behind a tourist who didn’t know how to drive around the Square (Josette – that one’s for you). Upset about an Ole Miss loss? You a student, and not get the grade you wanted? You waiting tables at Proud Larry’s and someone stiff you on the tip? Need a place to vent your frustration?

Introducing, The Oxford Vent Line

Call up, and vent to your heart’s content

As submissions come in, we’ll pick a few audio clips to post here on the site to share (in an upcoming post)..

small rules: we ain’t got audio editing software, so shy away from the f-bomb or s-bomb. And don’t drone on for 10 minutes.. If you feel like leaving your name, fine. If not, fine too. If you wanna give a shout out, fine by me – but don’t make it your whole message. And if you’re particularly upset at someone in the general public, let’s say it’s Mr. Smith, English teacher at Ole Miss.. it’s best not to call him out by name – simply refer to him as ‘the dear English Professor at Ole Miss’… you get the gist..

Here’s the number:

646-495-9205 x 19043

I’ll say ‘Dropio’ when it answers (as that’s the company powering this)

then it’ll ask for your ‘Drop extension’, and that’s where you plug in the 19043 number..don’t mis-type the extension, cause if you do, we’ll never get it.

Vent Away!

(who knows where this will go)

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