Parrish Baker Pub = Taylor's Pub… Jubilee Lounge = Parrish Baker Pub?

Posted on Mar 14, 2009 in Restaurants & Bars

Background machinations in the Oxford Bar scene have been interesting these last few months.  In January, the Parrish Baker Pub, owned and...

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Part II: The Oxford Bar & Restaurant Crawl

Posted on Sep 18, 2008 in Restaurants & Bars

In June I posted the first installment in my “Oxford Crawl” series – that post detailed the best locations in Oxford for...

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The Oxford Bar & Restaurant Crawl

Posted on Jun 17, 2008 in Restaurants & Bars

Over the last two weeks I have begun what I know is an enviable assignment for My task – to evaluate...

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The Gallery at Marimekko

Posted on May 20, 2008 in Oxford

I spent Friday evening at a Gallery Opening at marimekko, a great shop just south of the Square on Lamar, enjoying great art with a number...

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Posted on May 8, 2008 in Law & Politics

My first experience with the law came when I was about five years old. My mother and I were driving through our neighborhood when the...

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