Howdy, and Welcome to Oxford

Hi folks..

what you see here, is our humble first post on Oxford…and we’ve got *lots* planned.

Our goal is simple – share all the neat, local insights of Oxford, MS. No stuffy stories. No boring topics. No stale content.

We’re gonna share what never seems to see the light of day. The stories that make Oxford special. The stories that resonate.

And shoot, not just stories… we’ll share recent images of Oxford – how the town is evolving, growing, maturing. Even video uploads too. Why not, you know?

We ain’t English major’s either, so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of comma splices, fragments and mis spellings. You’ll understand what we’re saying – don’t worry : )

We’re very very excited about our new little site here, though, and we’ll be looking for local writers/bloggers very soon as well. (Check out the Write For Us page for more information on contributing)

stay tuned folks, and be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed !


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  1. Lookin’ good! See you in a few days for Double Decker!

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