Looking Forward to Double Decker 2009

double-decker-festival-posterMy absolute favorite time to be on the square in Oxford, Mississippi is coming up. Double Decker Arts Festival is just around the corner on April 25. To me, Double Decker means old friends fly in to spend some time on the square and in their favorite local bars for the day. For my friends and I, this usually consists of congregating at Murff’s for most of the early afternoon. After we have worn our welcome out there, we head out onto the square to look at arts and crafts and listen to some tunes. Since “real” drinks are not supposed to be consumed on the square, it is very convenient to find a place in which you can take a break, every now and then.

Since I, myself, am an Oxonian, most of my family usually drives in from the Big Easy to enjoy the small-town festival. As for the music this year, the lineup is great and at 9:00, Robert Randolph and The Family Band will headline the festivities on the AT&T South Stage. If you aren’t interested in pushing through large crowds, then try the balcony at Square Books. It is nice to simply look at the expanding crowd gathered around the South Stage instead of fighting your way through it.

In Oxford, during Double Decker, there is nothing better than numerous food stands, music, people, dogs, arts and good company. My personal favorite foods to eat during the festival are the foot-long corndogs and the homemade lemonade. If that isn’t your thang, then there are tons of food choices for everyone. Just beware of the parking situation, because it is slim. Double Decker is an exciting time for local Oxonians, although, some might find it overcrowded, especially those that so graciously work in the food industry. Oh, what a great time of year to be one of the lucky people with an apartment balcony on the square. I can only hope that this year, I can fight through the crowd and secure a seat on the famous Double Decker bus, to what we pay homage for this memorable arts festival.

For more information about the Double Decker Arts Festival, from anything to the music lineup to the art venders, you can visit http://www.oxfordcvb.com/doubledecker/2009/index.html

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  1. And don’t forget a mention of the Double Decker Spring Ride!! It’s a bike ride of 10, 24, 50 & 66 Miles. A fun time for all!

    Info here:

  2. great point, Jay..

    check out http://www.oxfordcycling.com/dd.html for more info !

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