Pointers for the 2008 Ole Miss Freshman Class

It’s that time again…pretty soon moving trucks and parents will be pouring in the little town of Oxford to kiss their high school graduates goodbye. I figured since I’ve been there before, I’d give the fresh meat (or freshmen), a few pointers.

  1. There is no good time to move into the dorm. It is going to be hot and packed. Everyone is dying to get into his or her new room and out of their parent’s hair. I believe, the later you move in, the better. The elevators will be packed and only half of them will be working, so I hope you like the stairs.
  2. Night Town Billiards is going to become your best friend. Yes, it is 18 and up. Monday nights are huge and the pitchers of beer are a penny. The line on Monday nights to get in the door will be around the building the first semester. Who knows, you might even meet a potential partner while shaking it on the dance floor. Check out their website for upcoming shows
  3. For those girls going through rush, don’t dance on any tables or do anything that you would not want a room full of sorority girls to know, especially while at Night Town.
  4. Books in the Ole Miss Union are super expensive. Go to another bookstore to purchase books and don’t preorder them. Chances are, the books you preorder are not the right ones. Campus Book Mart in the wonderful Oxford Mall is a great bookstore. I personally like the staff at Rebel Bookstore, which is located at 818 Jackson Ave. right across from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.
  5. The Library. Your parents will think that you are spending all of their money towards books and your education. When they find out that the Library is a BAR, then beware. [located 120 S 11th St]
  6. Take Rebel Ride. It is free and very convenient for freshmen. It takes students that live on campus to the square and can be very entertaining and is definitely the safest option.

College is fun. Make good decisions so you can live through it. And don’t forget to visit chicken-on-a-stick Chevron for all your late-night food.

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