Best Seven and Most Affordable Restaurants in Oxford Mississippi

I wanted to do a sort of rank and review of what I believe are the most affordable and top ranked restaurants in Oxford. I love everything from fried food to Indian cuisine and have eaten at just about every restaurant in Oxford, Mississippi.

If you have a favorite, please chime in! If you have a suggestion of what to order at any of these restaurants….please chime in!!

7. Ajax

Ajax has always been a local favorite. When you are looking for good country cookin’, Ajax is the way to go. My personal favorite dish their is their turkey and dressing. You may be surprised to know that their steaks are great as well!

6. Volta Taverna

Volta’s is a great restaurant with a tasty greek cuisine. The food here is wonderful! The Pita and Hummus or the pita and pimento cheese appetizer is a great way to start your meal. I STRONGLY suggest the lamb and beef gyro. I usually hold the tzatziki sauce because I really want to taste the flavor of the meat. Don’t forget the Traditional Greek Salad!

5. The Taco Shop

The Taco shop, located on University Avenue right behind Oby’s is a hidden gem! As most Mexican restaurants do, The Taco shop serves you chips and salsa. This batch of chips and salsa is like nothing that you have ever had in Oxford. They deep fry corn tortilla’s until they are golden brown, throw a dash of sea salt on the chips fresh out of the pan and then serve you up some green or red salsa. It’s your choice! Go with the green salsa. It’s the better of the two in my opinion. The red salsa uses chili peppers I believe and it’s “black pepper hot”. You CAN NOT go wrong with the Tacos. The beef or chicken tacos are great and if you are feeling a little on the wild side, go with the Tongue Taco. I think it’s actual beef tongue…Nooootttt really sure. I have had it. It’s….different. Every taco is served with fresh diced onions and crisply cut cilantro. Give this place a try if you haven’t already!  (No Website Available)

4. Mink’s on the Park

This cool little restaurant is located at 904 College Hill Rd. right at the three way stop coming off of McElroy. You may have never heard of Mink’s on the Park. It has a great atmosphere with wi-fi. You will walk in and see people on their computers and ipads, enjoying a nice cup of coffee and some AWESOME food. You will find some aweseome sandwiches. I had the “Sweet Virginia” when I visited for the first time and it SOLD me. The “Sweet Virginia” consists of Maple Glazed Honey Ham, Oven Gold Turkey, Baby Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Vidalia Onion, and Honey Mustard….Amazing.  Click Here to See Their Facebook Page


If I were basing the ranks on Customer Service alone, Kabuki would win #1 HANDS DOWN among ANY restaurant in Oxford. Their staff is very friendly their food is very very good as well. It is by far my #1 choice for Japanese food. You are first greeted by a friendly server and then they make you feel at home by bringing you a small sample of an appetizer, on the house. The Cherry Blossom Roll is a great sushi roll with a great presentation and an even better taste! You will never go wrong with their Hibachi Grill. If you get the chance, ask for Agoes. He’s a nice fella with some cool tricks up his sleeve. Sometimes they will finish your meal off with some dessert saki (also on the house). They have awesome Miso and Clear Soup. I always get the clear soup. GREAT FOOD!!!

2. Maharaja

My wife and I have been a lot of places and tried some wonderful Indian food, from The West Indies to Birmingham Alabama, we have come across some pretty amazing places. I have yet to find a restaurant with the flavor that Maharaja brings to the table. The food is remarkable. We love to start our meal off with the Chicken 65 and an order of naan bread. We love spicy food and the Chicken 65 is amazing if you like spicy food. They use a sort of chili garlic paste for the appetizer. The naan bread has a nice buttery flavor with a chewy texture. For dinner, I usually get the Chicken Vindaloo and my wife goes for the Chicken Korma. You HAVE to top off the meal with a mango lassi and tell Madhu (co-owner and head server) and Ragu (chef) I said hello for me would ya!?  (No Website Available)

1. Boure

Boure is a great cajun style restaurant with some wonderfuly food. Personally, my first choice would be Maharaja and then Kabuki but Boure is a crowd favorite and has a broader spectrum of customers. Boure has a great atmosphere located just off the square on North Lamar and will soon be moving across the street from Ajax. One thing that Boure has from the bar that is OUTSTANDING is their Bloody Mary. They offer three amazing appetizers. The Crabmeat Au Gratin, Sausage and Cheese Plate, and the New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp. You could be full and satisfied after just snacking on these three dishes! If you want to go the salad route, Boure offers a wonderful Cobb Salad and a Spinach Steak Salad. If you are looking for something a little more filling, go with the 16 ounce Ribeye, or Boure’ Shrimp and Grits. I named a lot of food because it’s all amazing!  Click Here For Boure’s Site

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  1. Those are great choices. I’m glad to hear of a couple I need to try. Don’t forget Pizza Den, not much atmosphere, but the best stromboli sandwich around! Also, Phillips Grocery has a great burger. For a nice meal, you can never go wrong with Lenora’s.

  2. Are there a y music festivals at oxford in month of. June?

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