Introducing: The Lyric Theatre

By way of my Facebook invitation list, I can tell that the Lyric Oxford is starting to add more and more names to their newly founded music venue. If you have a Facebook page, then you should definitely befriend The Lyric. The other day, my friend and I peeked through the unlocked doors at the black and white decorated walls. She just loved the walls and then expressed her need and absolute desire to have her wedding reception there, might I add, she is not near being engaged. The word on the street is that there are already many reservations for receptions.

The night of the Firecracker Ball (July 3rd), I was nesting at my favorite bar, The Blind Pig and noticed the many dressy get-ups that kept entering the door. As a few passed, I finally recognized someone I knew and asked just exactly what she was doing at the low-key bar dressed so nice. She quickly walked by expressing her need to use the little girl’s room; she was not there to grace us with her presence. Cinderella had to leave the ball because their restrooms were not working. It was just one of the few kinks that had to be worked out. This was all in the game plan for the two owners. It was just a good thing this did not happen under different circumstances.

Although, there are still plans in way for a grand opening in the fall, shows are slowly beginning to pile up. Ingram Hill will play on July 19 and The Black and Whites are set to play July 26. Most shows are 18 and up, this means The Library and the Billiard Club are going to have a little competition. In some cases tickets are only available on the website so check out before you put your party pants on. Oh and how could I forget? The crazy kids around this town loved the Airships debut at the Lyric so much that they will be there again on July 11, so grab $5 and dance your heart out.

The Lyric Theatre
1006 Van Buren Avenue
Oxford, MS 38655

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  1. saturday night dates in high school class of 1964 at the lyric.

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