Thanks Peter for the kind introduction. I look forward to being a part of, a site I’ve enjoyed for a while.  Oxford is a special place, and this site has done a great job of pointing out the things that define it.  This site actually was the first to cover my project Music in the Hall way back on November 8, 2008, two days after the first show.

Most of my web contribution prior to this ( and has been focused on the music of Oxford and the surrounding region, so I look forward to stepping outside those boundaries a bit.  My other web project,, will now reside here at and will be more frequently updated.

We all have our own definitions of what this town is.  In my nearly fourteen years here, I’ve discovered Oxford’s amazing depth of talent in so many fields.  The town’s authors, poets, filmmakers, artists and musicians have created an artistic mecca that has not only survived the growing pains of a small town in the last couple decades; it has thrived and grown.  There are two sides to the coin, so the patrons of the arts in Oxford are to be commended for making it all possible.  The variety of grass roots entertainment options in this town would not exist without the support of the community.

One of the things I’ll try to do here is point out instances of others telling the Oxford story well.  Below is a clip from Gary Hawkins’ top-notch documentary The Rough South of Larry Brown.  It tells the story of my favorite writer, Larry Brown (1951-2004).  It’s a story of perseverance and great talent available at Square Books, and online.

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  1. looking forward to you taking the helm Daniel.. welcome aboard!

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