Introducing the Oxford Time Machine

Quite possibly, the most addictive site I’ve visited over the years has been the Atlanta Time Machine. Simple in premise and overall purpose, it provides an endless catalog of “then-and-now” photographs of Atlanta, even going so far as providing the same visual perspective with each photograph.

For example, here’s a shot in the heart of Buckhead, capturing the split of Roswell Road from Peachtree, and the triangle in-between. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, in regards to his collection.

I’ve been mesmerized by this site over the years, and it hit me the other day. “I should do the exact same project for Oxford. Research and uncover historical photos of of the city and surrounding community, and provide an updated photo from today.

So I did.

Introducing the Oxford Time Machine.

I’ll attempt to provide a time reference for original photos, but realize a few may not provide notification. The first set of photos were pulled from a history of Lafayette County book found within the University Library.

Here’s Oxford City Hall circa 1886, and now:

we’re very excited about this project, and are looking forward to adding new shots on a regular basis. If you’ve got some antique photos you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line anytime..

peter (at) oxfordmississippi (dot) com

(replace ‘at’ with the @, and ‘.’ with dot- this is done to curb email spam)

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  1. I’ll be interested to see the progress here. I’d be willing to help, too, if you have a bunch of pictures for duplicating.

  2. this turned out great. that’s exciting.

  3. thanks Jay, we may take you up on that..


  4. born and raised in oxford love your time machine. live in chicago,summer home in oxford.

  5. thanks Ray & Yolanda!

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