John Currence Visits the Bourbon Mall in Leland, MS

John Currence (Chef/Owner of City Grocery / Snackbar / Big Bad Breakfast) visits the Bourbon Mall in Leland Mississippi to sample their fried food goodness (which includes their famous fried hot tamales)..


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  1. Fried? Met a fellow all the way up here from Smith County. He gave me a quote which says it all. I’d never heard it. People here in Bigfork, MT often ask me what’s my favorite food when I go back home to Oxford. I tell them, as long as it fried, that’s it. But the fellow from Smith County who I met fishing in Fernie, BC had the the best comment of all. He said, “If it moves fry it! If it doesn’t move, batter it, then fry it!” That’s my standard answer now when I’m asked about my favorite foods.

    • good stuff Bill.. I may have to use that quote myself..

  2. Great video. By the way, you forgot to add Boure’ to Currence’s list of restaurants. Best fried crawfish tails anywhere. Best fried dill pickles anywhere. And, don’t get me started on the Boure’ Burger.

    As for the Bourbon Mall, it’s a shame it burned a few months ago.

    • thanks Sam.. We’ve got Boure listed, though.. under ‘casual dining’

  3. I can’t believe the Bourbon Mall burned down! That makes me so sad. We went while at Showfest one year in Greenville. It was hands down the best food around! It was so funny because we walked in and all we saw was a lunch counter with a small table with a set of checkers on it and the girl asked if we had a reservation. We just laughed and then she seated us in the back. Had to walk through the kitchen to be seated. It was a great experience and the food was such a nice surprise! Sam, do you know if they are going to reopen?

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