Entire Collection of Ole Miss Sports Illustrated Covers

With the addition of the recent issue, Ole Miss is up to 6 total football cover appearances on SI.. Cover appearances we decided to dig up and include here as a helpful reference.. enjoy.. (holler if I missed one)







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  1. Well, there is one from (I believe) 1962 that shows the Rebelettes, or whatever they were called then. I think it was the pre-season college football issue. Then again, they’re all carrying Confederate flags, so maybe it’s best not to highlight that particular issue…

  2. Hey SuperDude,

    you’re right – I stumbled across that one after I made this post.. it didn’t even show the team, just the cheerleaders.. so I decided to leave off.. (call me crazy, I don’t consider the cheerleaders part of the football team)

    If I decide to list the ‘Top 4 SI Covers with Ole Miss Cheerleaders’, then I’ll definitely include that pic..

    • it was a 1962 issue, the last national championship year for ole miss…

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