Parrish Baker Pub = Taylor's Pub… Jubilee Lounge = Parrish Baker Pub?

Background machinations in the Oxford Bar scene have been interesting these last few months.  In January, the Parrish Baker Pub, owned and operated by Parrish Baker, became Taylor’s Pub, owned and operated by Jason Plunk (previous owner of Night Town Billiards).  Without needless detail, it’s clear that Taylor’s has tried to stay true to the Parrish’s vibe – the look hasn’t changed drastically, food’s the same, and so are a number of the staff.

Tonight happens to be the last night for the Jubilee Lounge (which is located on Jackson a block west of old Parrish’s/Taylor’s).  The Jube, as it is affectionately titled, has been around for about 10 years.  They’re hosting a “Last Hurrah” tonight, so check it out!  But the interesting bit of news is this – Parrish Baker is opening a new bar in the Jube’s location.  Word is he will be up and going after spring break.  I, for one, am intrigued.

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