Vox returns to the Powerhouse Tuesday

I’m hearing great things about the video shot by Thad Lee at Vox’s noise show earlier this month at the Powerhouse.  The pictures I saw the next day made me hate that I had missed it.  I think it was on a Monday or Tuesday, and I do my best to stay at home early in the week, believe it or not, what with the economy and all (i.e. my checking account).  I should be posting that video here soon, but until then lets enjoy a pic and the fact that poets and musicians and welders  can all have a good time in Oxford.

Photo courtesy of Laura Cole

This Tuesday, Vox returns to the Powerhouse with the dynamic duo of Neil White and Louis Bourgeois presenting their memoirs. Music by the Yodeling Anarcho-Syndacalists. Red beans and rice and wine from West Jackson Wine and Spirits will be consumed. As always, this VOX event is free.  Food and wine for small donation.

Sounds like a nice Tuesday evening to me.

Details on the FB >>

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